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Hamish McHamish

An amusing example of community philanthropy, locals clubbed together to raise funds for a statue in commemoration of a beloved town cat...

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Anna and Edward Harkness

Mother and son duo Anna and Edward Harkness together donated more than $50 million, with recipients including the Universities of St Andrews, Harvard, Columbia, and Yale...

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John Patrick Crichton-Stuart

The 3rd Marquess of Bute was a notable supported of the University of St Andrews. As Rector of the University he personally paid for the appointment of the University's first female lecturer and several University buildings...

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Mary Louisa Maclagan

As co-founder of the Edinburgh Social Union, Mary Louisa Maclagan's helped house more than 450 working class families in quality housing in 1890s Edinburgh...

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Wilhelmina Barns Graham

Renowned artist and St Andrews resident Wilhelmina Barns-Graham established a trust in her name, the purpose of which was to support the training and education of future artists while preserving her own legacy as an artist...

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Victorian Charity Bazaars

Charity bazaars – also known as “fancy fairs” or “ladies’ sales” – were a staple of 19th and early 20th century philanthropy. In Scotland alone, more than 300 charity bazaars were held every year between 1880 and 1910...

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